About Face 3: The Essentials of Interaction Design

Authors: Alan Cooper, Robert Reimann, David Cronin

Published: 2007 ISBN-10: 0470084111 ISBN-13: 978-0470084113

Alan Cooper is expert in interaction design and the creator of personas used by designers to model users. This book provides comprehensive overview of interaction design techniques - containing qualitative research methods, working with user scenarios and product stories, personas, user requirements, and overall design process.

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This completely updated volume presents the effective and practical tools you need to design great desktop applications, Web 2.0 sites, and mobile devices. You’ll learn the principles of good product behavior and gain an understanding of Cooper’s Goal-Directed Design method, which involves everything from conducting user research to defining your product using personas and scenarios. Ultimately, you’ll acquire the knowledge to design the best possible digital products and services.

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