Human-Computer Interaction

Authors: Alan Dix, Janet E. Finlay, Gregory D. Abowd, Russell Beale

Published: 2003 ISBN-10: 0130461091 ISBN-13: 978-0130461094

One of the best books covering broad field of human-computer interaction (HCI) and relevant sub-fields. This book is essential source of information especially for all newcomers in the field of HCI. Technical aspects of HCI are covered deeply enough, and in well understandable way at the same time. Nowadays some parts of the book may seem a bit outdated. However, the important ground of HCI are still relevant and well covered.

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The second edition of Human-Computer Interaction established itself as one of the classic textbooks in the area, with its broad coverage and rigorous approach, this new edition builds on the existing strengths of the book, but giving the text a more student-friendly slant and improving the coverage in certain areas. The revised structure, separating out the introductory and more advanced material will make it easier to use the book on a variety of courses. This new edition now includes chapters on Interaction Design, Universal Access and Rich Interaction, as well as covering the latest developments in ubiquitous computing and Web technologies, making it the ideal text to provide a grounding in HCI theory and practice.

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